St Ives Rotary Club 'Spot the Artist' sale - September 2014

Oct 10, 2014

As you were one of more than 220 artists who generously gave examples of their work to the event, I would like to thank you very much for your contribution. We were also well supported  by members of the public who had started forming a queue outside the School of Painting by 8.30 am on Saturday morning, prior to the start of the sale on the following day at 9.00 am!

Congratulations are in order as one of your beautiful paintings  was  sold to the eleventh person in the queue who would have been waiting  outside the studio for a very long time to buy it (there was a limit of only three paintings for each buyer). I hope that you receive a note of thanks from him or her. The second of your entries was sold to the nineteenth person in the queue. Sixty paintings  were sold during the first rather manic 15 minutes of the doors being opened  and both of yours went during this period.

Thank you again for your support which the members of the St Ives Rotary Club really appreciate.

Mike and Robin Clough, St Ives Rotary Club