Work Procured By The University Of Sheffield

Nov 19, 2013

The University of Sheffield Heritage Collections comprise paintings, sculpture, ceramics, decorative textiles, maps, medals, memorabilia, scientific instruments and silver as well as some specimen collections such as the Alfred Denny Zoology Museum and the Turner Museum of Glass.

The two museum collections were created by university academics for specific learning purposes. Students in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences still use Alfred Denny’s specimens of species from all over the world, collected from the 1900s onwards, in their studies and the location of WES Turner’s superb collection of artistic glass objects in an area used as a cafe and meeting space in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering fulfils his wish that those employed in the technical research of engineering materials should be surrounded by the potential of their medium for beauty and creativity. Both museums are open to the public. The other objects are the result of donations, gifts and purchases over the years since the creation of the university in 1905. Almost all the paintings, textiles and sculpture in the collections are on display throughout the university campus to foster a pleasurable and creative environment in which students and staff can work. The university also supports and encourages artistic creativity though purchases, commissions and exhibitions.

Dr Lynne Fox, University Heritage Officer, University of Sheffield.

More information regarding the collections may be viewed here.