A special occasion marks the opening of the Penwith's 2018 season

Feb 28, 2018

Opening simultaneously there are three new exhibitions to start the 2018 season. The Full Members are on view in the Main Gallery, the Associates fill the New Gallery and in the Studio Gallery there is Transience, a combined show of paintings from Mary Taylor and Martin Grimshaw. However, the presentation of the book marked this private view out as significantly different from other events.

The book The Penwith Society of Arts PORTRAITS OF THE ARTISTS offers a fascinating insight of the current members, as seen through the lens of author and photographer Michael Carter. During 2017, over a period of some six months, visits were made to photograph the members in their places of work and to give a written commentary about the encounter. Apart from Michael Carter’s powerful black and white images and idiosyncratic words the book is lavishly illustrated with images of the members’ work. Further insight into the history of the Penwith, with a reminder of the unrivalled legacy of earlier times, is offered by the recently retired Chairman, John Piper.

During the course of the private viewing Michael Carter gave a short introduction explaining his approach to the visits and the commission generally before making himself available to sign copies.

At the close of the show in late March and with another development from previous years, a substantial part of this Members’ Exhibition, together with additional and some replacement pieces, will be taken to the London Group’s Cello Factory at Waterloo, SE1 for a two-week long exhibition in the capital. The aim is that this will become a feature of the Society’s future exhibiting programme in taking work beyond St Ives and Cornwall.