Penwith Society re-opens with a new exhibition

Jul 8, 2020

In a mail-out to subscribers the Penwith Gallery has been delighted to announce to all that, after a long wait and a frantic hanging of three brand new shows, as of Monday 6th July the gallery had re-opened.

There are new works from the Members in the Main Gallery, the Associate Members are showing in the New Gallery and a solo show by David Moore, Now As Then, is in the Studio Gallery. Barbara Hepworth's Magic Stone is back in place following the Society's loan to the Rodin Museum in Paris. There are also some gems from the archive on display.

Most importantly in these problematic and testing times it is emphasised the gallery has sineage, sanitisers and some "very fancy bollards" in place to keep visitors safe, along with various othe measures. The management asks that visitors should please adhere to social distancing guidelines and comply with Government advice.

In addition there is emphasis that those shielding need not miss out but to get in touch and take advantage of the offer of a one-to-one digital tour of the three exhibitions.

All three exhibitions run until 22 August 2020

Further information about the Penwith Gallery and images of the exhibitions may be found here