Penwith Society of Arts

Feb 28, 2014

The Penwith Society of Arts in Cornwall, to give its full title, was founded in 1949 by a breakaway group from the St Ives Society of Artists. Leading members at the time were principally from the Crypt Group with the notable inclusion of Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Bernard Leach. Its aim was to present the most vital art and craftsmanship, regardless of label, from the Penwith area of Cornwall as a tribute to the ideals of Borlase Smart.

The Society has had its home in the Penwith Gallery in Back Street West, St Ives, since 1960 and is close by the Porthmeor Studios, the St Ives School of Painting and Alfed Wallis's old cottage.

More information about the Penwith Society and the Penwith Galleries may be found here