Linder Sterling opens the Penwith Society's 2014 Spring Exhibition

Mar 23, 2014

Friday evening saw the Society's opening of the Spring Exhibition by Tate St Ives Artist-In-Residence Linder Sterling. More than five-hundred were in attendance to hear her warm references to Barbera Hepworth, a founder-member of the PSA, and how her research is informing this central part of her residency.


Penwith Society of Arts

Feb 28, 2014

Since the invitation to show as an associate in the Christmas Exhibition 2013, I have been offered full member status by the Society's governing  committee. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to exhibit again with this historically significant group after what has been a gap of nearly five decades.


Plymouth Society of Artists Biennial: 12 January - 13 February 2014

Jan 19, 2014

Following a break of nearly three years the Society has once again secured the opportunity to stage an exhibition in the prestigious North Gallery of the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, probably largest municipal gallery in the south west.


Work Procured By The University Of Sheffield

Nov 19, 2013

One of the leading universities of the Russell Group, the University of Sheffield, has procured three paintings to add to its Heritage Collections. These works have been taken into an already extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, glassware and ceramics, amongst a much wider collection of artefact of scientific and scholarly significance amassed over the past one hundred or more years.


Hidden In Plain Sight

Nov 2, 2013

Currently showing in the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery and running until 11 January 2014 is an exhibition highlighting key painting and sculpture from the gallery’s permanent collection, many of which have not been displayed for a number of years.